Well. It Could Be Monday.

Bunny Hello!

Work Out Gear! Hot Pink Tee shirt. Black pants sneakers. Big curly hairdo that need to be redyed. I've started dancing again, and apprently my body has gone YEA! At the prospect. It also keeps me happy and bouncy. Bollywood, Hip Hop, West African. You name it, I'm eating it ALIVE.

I blame it all on IDA.


White Night. A Dresden Files book. This is all one person's fault. My Dresden addiction can be placed soley on lyrangalia 's shoulders. I'm not going to say why, BUT SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE DID. :)


There's a ton of new stuff up like Glow in the Dark Horns and what not. I'm finishing up a custom order of possible doom. So there's that. Also I have so many new hats it's not even funny, but I still need to take picture so f them. One of these days I'm just going to shell out for a wig mannequin. That way things will be up so much faster.


I obviously haven't been around on LJ for months and God forbid the person I live with update me on your lives. So what's new? Had a baby? Bought a house? Have someone I need to beat up for you? Help me catch up lovelies!!! 


Games, Life, and Teeth


I've been ill and busy and this week is gearing up to be HUGE. Tomorrow there's the show and then bowling, Wednesday is horns and cooking, Thursday is cooking, volunteer work, dinner, and a party, Friday is Thanksgravy. Whoa. 


My dentist is a real sweetheart who was appalled at the way I was treated in the past. He's really bending over backwards to help me not be so terrified. X rays show I have five cavities and will need some oral surgery (which will require outpatient sleeping off stuff) for my impacted wisdom teeth which are giving me grief. I have my first cavity appointment on Monday. Oh...the joy. Have I mentioned that the chair faces to window and the office is on the 10th floor? Hieghts plus dental pain= horrible. 

Game Show: I'll be filming an episode of Trvial Pursuit tomorrow. I won't be able to tell any of you anything until it airs, so yeah. But people who are going bowling with us will most likely be able to read my facial expressions. It turns out I'm really good at this gameshow, and I hope I win. It could help me clear out most of my debt, provide a little for the wedding, and allow me to visit the east coast and set up my business. Score. 


I'm going to be cooking up a storm in preparation of Thanksgiving. The day itself is going to be one big beautiful tangled ball of mess. 

Violent Belle:

I'm shipping as fast as I can, as several orders ended up creating a not so amusing dog pile. There's a metric tonne of stuff up today and there will be a whole bunch of necklaces up by Wednesday. I'm hoping to have Yule horns up by this weekend. Hopefully I'll finish a few fascinators tonight. 


My niece told my sister today that she missed me very much and would like a sleepover. "I love Auntie Naya so much Mommy and I've never had a sleepover with her! The next time Auntie Naya visits that's what we should do!" 

Holiday Cards:

T and I are doing holiday cards this year. We were going to take pictures on a mountain but it was fiery and nasty. I'm thinking of doing a little illustration instead and seeing if he likes it. 

There's a Purr Filter post sometime tonight. 

Things I noticed Today

Things I've Noticed today:

1. Every Man I have ever dated in my entire life currently rocks red facial hair. T's beard? Red. Faux Lestat? Red. My first ever boyfriend? Natural red head with a brand new mountain man type of beard. The list, it continues. 

2. I now look like She-ra princess of power when I wear tank tops.

3. I have a disturbing amount of stock for VB piling up because I need neck models. 

4. I am terrified of seeing the Dentist on Monday.

5. I'm the happiest I've been in months...

6. I should leave 90% of the stuff I'm good at off my resume. 

7. My hair has finally decided on a natural hair color. Pitch black. It has still not decided on a texture. Currently that would be straight.

8. ...I'm actually going to be on a nationally televised gameshow. Holy F. I have to go shopping. I can't fit anything I used to. 

What did you notice today?


Friday is a Day for Loving


I have an angry post about Prop 8 and Blacks, but I'm going to put it aside for Friday updates and good vibes. We could always use some good vibes today right? 


I am so hooked on the Jennifer Robeson Cheysuli books. Sometimes they're sexist and racist, but they're so fucking addictive! I'm currently on Book 5 thanks to T and I just can't stop myself. I read a little each night to make it last longer. Honestly I haven't enjoyed a series so much since Merceds Lackey and Valdemar. I mean this series has Polydrama. How can you not love it?

What are you reading? Anything you recommend? 


A towel. That's not meant to be sexy, it's just the truth. But hey it *is* a purple towel. TMI anyone? Anyhow I plan on wearing my "I love nerds" t shirt. Squee. 

Listening to:

Keeps Gettin' Better -

and When I Grow Up- (Pussy Cat Dolls)

Both are on the Sexy and Dangerous Mix 2008. 
Made for 

twilightsyren , isako , and greenapple2004  to sum up our awesomeness this year. 

Indie kids! Please suggest some new music for me to listen to! 



Dinner Thing. It shall be made of wonderful. Ginger cookies! Mochii ice cream!


Business is slow but I'm using the time to really rev myself up for the season. I have a dozen things that need to be put on site. Tomorrow sees a sizeable update, but Sunday is another big one. Today might show a bit of the winter knits. Also I've decided I wanted to do some charity with the shop so....


ruggerdavey aka Rachel is a friend of mine from Williams. To this day she is one of the kindest sweetest people I have had the pleasure to know. Rachel teaches in Kentucky, and every year she organizes a Christmas shopping spree for her neediest children. These are often children who are not adequately clothed for the winter weather and who lack even the basic things every child should have to ensure health and happiness. Please if you can spare anything this season please consider giving to someone who is in line to directly give. Here's her post with all the info. 

I hereby pledge that 25% of all my sales from today until December 13th will go to Rachel and her wonderful students. There was a time when as a child I went without. I was always taught to share my fortune, and now I shall. So if you can please do. 

Olvera St.

Bunny Hello!

So yesterday T and I went on a day date to get some tea from Chinatown. We stopped by Olvera St on our way home. I had never been there, and I really want to go back. T says my best shot is to ask his momma to figure out which parent from the Catholic can make me one of those snazzy traditional Mexican peasant skirt/blouse combos. I wanted to drop off four pictures from yesterday.

One is a rather large Day of the Dead cross and smaller crosses honoring the dead.

And the second is a picture of handmade shoes that I loved.

The Third is this random Mariachi. He was so f'in adorable. I love the look on his face.

The fourth is some cute yet scary puppets.

 Sadly I apparently had the lens cap on when I took a picture of the Sleeping Beauty Luchadore mask. Grr. Don't worry, I'll get it again. 

The Way We Blossom

Bunny Hello!


Let things go. 

Realize you are worth so much more than they have told you.

Serve  only those who deserve it.


Let Things Go.

Realize that beauty is much more than what you fit and what you don't.

Smile only if you actually feel like smiling.


Let Things Go.

Realize that the true you can spark a light of hope and cast out despair. 

Do not wear other people's baggage.



You derserve to be loved.
You deserve to love who you will.
You deserve to be yourself.
You deserve to be much more than anyone says you will be. 
Today you should shine.
Let your light be as warm and encompassing as a candle in the dark.


Good Decisions Thursday

I love that little ginger kitteh icon. 

Anyway, onto the awesome.

I keep expecting someone to slap me and tell me that Obama didn't win. I wonder if this is what it was like when Kennedy was elected. Hmm. *knocks on wood*

Today I bring you all sorts of things in my life update including a tasty herbal tea recipe to get you on your feet when you have a cold, and pictures! Whoo!


My British invasion Barbie T and some jeans. My hair is in that crazy regency style again. i have accessorized with plastic blue heart earrings. 


Thanks to Prop 4 I've been working on my first serious slam piece in a year. I'm promising myself I'll get off my ass and go to an open mike night. both osirusbrisbane  and theryk  have been instrumental in me actually revisiting this area of my life. Not that I've ever told them until now of course.

I'm also working on The Bone Brides. It's a short chaptered story I'm putting on The Violentbelle. Why there? Because I've already made the jewelry pieces to go along with it...well all except for the uberbigsurprise I hope to make. Score!


I really look forward to Thanksgiving. Once again I can't afford to see my sister, but I do plan on rocking out at my inlaws' house. They have said we can bring any orphaned friends we like, and we plan on doing so. I'm trying to see if T will make his deeeelicious pumpkin pie. I myself am going to experiment with making a pumpkin cheesecake. 


Ton of new pieces up today. Mostly cute little earrings and such. Handcuffs anyone? The real good stuff will come along this afternoon. I've decided to do one more price drop on mini hats. Now I'm just being absurd. 

Business is slowing, but I'm proud that all of you are with me on my kickass new journey.


Sniffles can overtake any household, and I know it. Usually I drink a few cups of tea a day n order to kep the sniffles away and soothe my throat. Here is my favorite tea. The instructions are for a large pot rather than a cup. Brew for 5-10 mins depending on the strength you want. 

2 tbls peppermint 
1tbls lemon balm
1tbls linden flower
four pieces raw ginger
1 lotus root
honey to taste. 

The lemon balm and peppermint are great for taste and throat soothing. The lotus root is for coughs, the linden flower is for fever, headaches, and chills, and need I mention the effect of ginger on the taste and digestive system? 


I took this photo Tuesday night when we were wandering Hollywood looking for photo ops. Nothing appeared, but I do love this old jewelry maker's sign post. There's something beautiful about a clock in the darkness.

Wednesday Beautiful Wednesday

Bunny Hello!

I woke up in a new world today. A world were I can say my neice can become president, and MEAN it. Pardon me if I feel like my soul is swelling and brimming with National Pride. I kind of want to go out and get myself some flag pins. 

I was MORE than touched about all the responses to yesterday's post. It was only meant to share my feelings before I headed off to the ballot box. This election indeed was something very personal to me and mine, and from the outpouring of sentiments, to you and yours as well. I felt like I was helping to do work laid down for centuries, helping to change a country I loved for the better. I didn't mean to make the internet cry, but I'm happy for all those who understood the message. Some of you shared it with children and with friends, and that left me in tears yesterday. My tear ducts hurt folks. Let's not cry today. Let's rejoice, and remember the battles are still not over. 76 days to the White House and even then we have to keep at it. 

Onto updates


My family is still shocked. My mother keeps saying she is so excited to have lived to see the day. My sister kept repeating, "Are you sure?!" Last night also really drove home the fact at how lucky I am to be gaining my in-laws. Just thinking about the conversations from last night are making me get all weepy again. Let's just say my family is on the up and up.


Bright pink New York T shirt and some thrown on jeans. I'm planning to look rather slummy today. I have a mound of work to do.


My etsy bill is looming, and so I drastically cut prices for my mini hats. So, for those of you who wanted the shiny, some of it can be had for as low as $25 dollars. At this point some of them are just going for materials cost. I have one lovely who snatched up the Octopussy Hat, and I'm going to put a little ribbon lining in it for her.  Keep in mind, if you really want something e-mail me and we'll work out Flex Pay. That's right. I'm offering Lay-A-Way. 

Also there are new Premium horns AND brooches. Today there will be earrings and necklaces up as well. All remaining regular horns are now $7 bucks. You should check out my Razorblade brooch. Fans of my Senior Art Project shall enjoy it. 

Violentbelle is also going to start doing some clothing too. So if you have friends who like to model and live in SoCal let me know. I'm recycling vintage pieces and making them into new things, and my current project is an apple green 50's party dress. 


Work is still pretty slim still. I applied for a job at Michael Levine's this weekend. I'll see what comes of it. I may just apply at Michael's too. 


There's a poll up for filters here. I realize I had a lot of new folks, so I might as well see who wants to opt in. 

Dear Ella

Dear Ella,

You may not know me, but today I vote for you. 

Because you could not.

 I'm voting for you because you had no say over your body. I'm voting for you because your mother, also named Ella picked cotton and raised children in fear. I'm voting for you because as a poor sharecropper in the deep south voting was dangerous for you even if you had gained the right to. I'm voting for you because your daughter Elon had to drop out of high school in order to take care of your children when you died of exhaustion. I am voting for you because your sons went off to wars to fight for freedoms not accorded to you. I'm voting for you because your granddaughter integrated her middle school with her head held high.

You had dreams when you moved your children north. Your hands tilled earth and sewed stitches. You fought until your body gave out. Your children fought. They cleaned houses. Became boxers and soldiers and missionaries. They worked on reservations and built schools and owned property. 

I'm voting for you today Ella. 

I am voting because as your great granddaughter I am being given rights you never could have. 
I have the right to birth control.
I have an education from one of the country's most exclusive and esteemed colleges.
I can eat in whatever restaurant I choose.
I can pay someone else to clean my house instead of cleaning houses myself. 
I can marry who I choose whether they be black, white, man or woman. 

Oh Ella, I do not fear the dogs, or the hydrants your granddaughter did. I do not know the noose of your fathers and their fathers. And yet, I am not soft. I know that there are those who would gladly see me humbled, but we have come too far to be humbled.

Today Ella I vote for you. I vote for your mother and your daughter. I vote for my mother and my niece.  I vote for my sister. I vote for my cousins. I vote for my aunts. I vote for children I do not have.

Because as Black women we have been slaves to a nation and to our bodies, and we are that no longer. You and your mother did not have a voice, and so we built it. Note by note, generation by generation. 

Today Ella, you will sing. 

Holy thank you for confidence LJ Land!

bunny yea

So it is no small secret that I was in the throes of some nasty depression.

What with being swindled by friends and jobs alike I honestly was looking like a shell of the gal I used to be. I really missed myself, and lord knows T missed me too.

When I finally got the balls to put things on my etsy I was scared. I mean Williams basically told me I sucked, and if my higher education didn't like me, then no one else would right? Wrong.

Even if its just a Halloween fluke, my shop exploded with your help and encouragement. This afternoon I reached 100 sales, and I'm more than happy to know that my first sale was from LJ and that 100th sale was from you too. This experience this past month has been hard. All that money I made went right back to pay for supplies and I've just started to really turn a profit, but I don't care about that.  I care that customers send me thank you notes or tell me they won costume contests with my work. 

Thank you. Thank you so very much for giving me back the confidence I needed to kick some ass. 

*smooshes you all to bosom* 

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